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Innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and creativity are always part of our work. No matter what department you’re looking at, you’ll always find someone trying to push the smartest solution out there, the critic whose duty is to doubt any and all proposals, the doers that no matter how difficult a task may seem, they’ll surely make it happen. From financial to procurement and HR, the mix between all these key ingredients is what’s winning at the end of the day. Because we’re always striving to get things done and by ‘done’ we mean always finding the best possible solutions – no compromises. That’s the mindset we live by every day and that’s what keeps us going.


General Accounting and Customer Finance

Financial and customer accounting for more than 80 companies

Over 365 million invoices and direct debits

Financial statements for around 200 companies


Consolidation, Report creation and Platform Management

Centralization of Management Reporting within the Group

Controlling Service

Green Controlling Award


Purchasing and sourcing of a product or service including invoice verification and payment

Hackett Benchmark TopPerformer 2021

2 million order items

89% no-touch-rate

13,5 billion net order value

72 million tactical savings


Recruiting & Staffing, Salary, Time Management, HR Administration

650,000 requests in Customer Service

1,800,000 payroll accountings

Travel booking & expense handling

HR Services incl. Training